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Installation hints

The simplest way to install Core, Async, and the rest of our libraries is to use OPAM.

Core in the toplevel

Note: You need core, ppx_jane and ppx_bin_prot >= 113.24.01 for these instructions to work properly.

If you want to use Core and its associated libraries and syntax extensions in the toplevel, you can put the following in your .ocamlinit file:

#use "topfind"
#require "ppx_jane,core.top"
#require "async"
#require "core_extended"
open Core.Std

Building with Core and OCamlBuild

If you want to build using ocamlbuild, then you can put the following in your _tags file:

true: package(core,ppx_jane)
true: thread,debug

Then you can build your app by calling:

$ ocamlbuild -use-ocamlfind myproject.native.